When medicines are most needed, they may be out of stock or discontinued. It is a legitimate issue in many veterinary circles. How do specialists keep stock of all available treatment options and prescriptions, yet work within an infrastructure that has obvious limitations? It’s a problem Bova Compounding is resolving, and fast, through a change in the dynamics of medicine and in how specialists receive it.

Industry Limitations

The industry limitations are often practical and not always avoidable. These limitations are often fair and, even in some ways, essential. One can’t just have unlimited access to all medicine. This can create some unwelcoming potential scenarios. Imagine a scenario where a specialist has free reign to all needed medicine. Any scenario can crop up (and in the area of animal care, it will). A specialist can’t just expect a certain flow of scenarios to occur because the world is vast and unpredictable.

They need access to medicine, but the specific medications they need may be out of stock due to practical limitations or high demand, discontinued due to changes or standard regulations, or altogether unavailable at the time due to any number of reasons. The specialist can’t just expect all medicine to be available at any volume at all times. This is impractical. Sometimes, it just happens.

Alternatives to the Mainstream

Bova Compounding remedies the problem not by forcing medicine to specialists who need it from these traditional sources. Bova works to offer an alternative. If a specialist can’t access the medicine they need for reasons either reasonable or not, they can work with a compound provider. The compound provider delivers the medicine when requested, in a customized and personal state.

It is the solution needed to work around often unexpected but realistically possible bottlenecks in medicine allocation. The specialists can treat and any all issues knowing they have what essentially amounts to a safety net. If they can’t receive it through the traditional supply model, they have a back-up. It is medicine tailor-made to the specific situation. Nick Bova and his team have found a way to predict any and all encounters, and to make sure that specialists of all levels have access to an answer.